Our Difference

Farming Processes

Our difference at Wagyu Farms is the processes we have put in place in every aspect of farming to assure our friends and customers the best and consistent Wagyu beef possible. It all starts with our selection of great maternal wagyu bloodlines and then using the very best sires to complement the progeny lines. We do a lot of embryo transfers with our F1 recipient herd using our foundational females as donors. This gives us two major benefits. One is it insures us raising proven quality and consistent carcasses and two it increases our elite bloodlines 5 fold each breeding season.

In farming, it can seem like there is a new adventure every day. But we work hard to create daily routines and processes for everyone to eliminate overlap, downtime, and efficiency. This method helps to build consistency with all our animals. Our cattle respond well to a daily routine seeing the same caregiver and keeping to a tight feeding schedule. And this helps to keep them happy, healthy and stress-free.

Our Feeding

Our feeding process is very different and unique compared to most of those feeding cattle in the US. Wagyu Farms feeds our cattle the Japanese Traditional way. That means a slow stress-free environment. We also feed our cattle the very best feed possible. We do this by choosing to plant, grow and harvest all hay, grains, and cereals by our team on our farms. We do not give our animals anything we would not eat ourselves. Meaning we grow and harvest non-GMO corn, wheat, barley, and hay mixtures. We grind our feed adding custom supplements from Dr. Jimmy Horner and his company “Protocol Naturals” to give us the best chance to achieve the highest marbling possible.

No Hormones

Another difference that sets us apart is we never give hormones or feed additives containing hormones to our cattle. Healthy cattle and hormone usage does not go together, so that is why we choose the slow growth method to ensure the intramuscular fat in our wagyu cattle. By choosing this feeding practice it takes on average 30% longer to bring our beef to market but the results are well worth the wait. This method assures us better marbling and texture with flavors unmatched.

Quality Choices

We raise three levels of great-tasting Wagyu beef. F1 - 50% Wagyu x 50% Angus, F2 - 75% Wagyu x 25% Angus, and 100% full-blood Wagyu DNA parent verified back to Japan. We base our custom feed program off our cattle’s weight and wagyu percentage. This method keeps us from overfeeding resulting in too much back fat build-up or underfeeding causing the animals to use up the IMF to maintain body weight. Our feeding program calls for F1 to be fed for 500 days, F2 600 days, and Full-bloods a whopping 680-720 days on a Japanese feed ration.

Every animal gets a healthy smorgasbord of nutritional feed based on its genetic makeup which you can see and taste the difference. And this very special care is what makes Wagyu Farms meat stand out from all other beef.


We track all our animals from birth to harvest. We begin documenting our cattle from birth through their life cycle to learn and improve our breeding practices. We also have registration certificates of authenticity for all our Black Full-Blood Wagyu cattle. And with the cattle registration, you can be assured you're getting exactly what is on our label promoting Truth in Labeling.