Our Story

Wagyu Farms is where Van and Regina Thompson call home. We moved to the farm along with our daughter Kelli in 2005 to live out our dreams. The vision of our farm has been evolving over the years but the one thing that has never wavered is “Jesus” being our Rock. HE gives us the strength to get up every day with one simple goal, serving others. We work hard to serve those in our care and be a light to those we have the fortune to meet and work with.

Wagyu Farms is located on the banks of the Cumberland River forty-five minutes east of Nashville TN. Our goal is to raise exceptional black Japanese cattle called Wagyu. (Wa-Gyu) means Japanese Cow. Thus the name of our farm, Wagyu Farms.

We started raising Wagyu cattle for two reasons. The first reason is personal health. Being a two-time cancer survivor, I wanted to raise my beef, overseeing their diet from birth to butcher. Today's corporate beef industry will never tell you where your beef comes from or what hormones have been used that services your local grocer or restaurant. We at Wagyu Farms never use any hormones, GMO feed or contaminated hay which makes our beef healthier and better for you. And the second reason is the taste! We choose to raise black Wagyu cattle from Japan to ensure the best tasting beef possible. Because of these reasons we are very particular in how we raise our cattle using a stress-free environment with a very slow feeding regiment. Every effort is taken to raise happy healthy cattle making for healthy beef!

Our Team


Van Thompson

Founder & CEO


Lincoln and Kennedy

Farm Hands



Head Cow